Continuity of Operations

Using the Whole of Community / All-of-Government Approach 

When planning for an emergency, Cubic recognizes community resiliency and the ability to maintain essential daily functions are just as important as the immediate response. We incorporate multiple integrated, coordinated planning approaches to ensure each client or end-user's organization remains operational during a disaster situation. Our approaches include:

  • Continuity of Operations (COOP): Cubic works closely with all levels of business, government, and the military to promote and build interagency core capabilities for response and recovery operations that enhance community resiliency. This integrated approach to preparedness planning and the protection of key infrastructure and resources is a critical component of the Homeland Security Enterprise.
  • Continuity of Government (COG): All hazards, but especially Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) events, have the high potential to destabilize governments and create conditions that exacerbate violence or promote terrorism. At Cubic, we leverage years of experience using an All-of-Government approach to analyze, assess, and incorporate different solutions that build capacity for managing incidents and enhancing domestic and international resiliency.
  • Business Continuity: At Cubic, we draw on our broad experience with security, vulnerability, and critical infrastructure protection and restoration at locations around the world to ensure continuity of our client's key business functions. We utilize a phased approach to business continuity planning that includes Planning and Research, Design and Development, and Plan Implementation. We also incorporate Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) planning guidance, such as FEMA Business Continuity Suite and Continuity Guidance Circulars (CGC) 1 and 2, in our business continuity planning. Our collaborative approach ensures that the final plans will best satisfy client or end-user requirements in a cost-effective manner.