San Diego, CA: Design Validation Exercise (DVE)

Event Description: 

The BioNet Design Validation Exercise (DVE) was held on September 23, 2004 in San Diego, CA.


The DVE aimed to examine and analyze the proposed BioNet capabilities and processes, as well as to observe, analyze, and record comments from and actions of stakeholders in order to further develop BioNet concept of operations (ConOps).


  • Present proposed BioNet system capabilities and processes to stakeholders (in a structured setting) in order to solicit active feedback.
  • Examine operational decision information requirements needed to efficiently and effectively identify, confirm, and characterize the scope of a biological event.
  • Examine information-sharing and notification protocols to include any restrictions due to classification or policy guidance.
  • Validate or identify data collection and organizational interfaces for environmental monitoring, medical surveillance, and command and control.
  • Provide system and process developers with material and relevant feedback from stakeholders in order to effectively refine and improve the BioNet system.
  • Identify critical decision points and associated consequences (both positive and negative) in order to provide useful data for modeling and simulation developers.


The exercise involved facilitated discussions to assess how information is used and shared between civilian and military stakeholders in order to effectively and expeditiously detect and characterize a biological attack on the population and therefore inform and expedite a unified response. The exercise introduced a scenario in order to examine the objective system, its components, and related processes. Exercise facilitators sought to solicit stakeholder buy-in and recommendations for improvement.

Thu, 09/23/2004
San Diego County and Navy Region Southwest
Event Coordinator: 
Mike Midgley
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