San Diego, CA: HIBRID Baseline Workshop

Event Description: 

The HIBRID Baseline Workshop was held on January 12 - 13, 2016 in San Diego, CA.



The purpose of this event was to examine how biosurveillance information is shared and integrated between the civilian jurisdiction and neighboring DOD installation’s emergency management, how that information flows beyond the local area and what information flows back in, what key decisions exist in both the civilian and military communities, and how shared information is used to inform decision-making.



  • Map current local information sharing flow and key decision points for two biological events: (1) a BioWatch Actionable Result (BAR) event, and (2) a contagious biological outbreak
  • Identify information sharing and decision-making challenges which have the greatest impact on response and discuss their underlying causes
  • Discuss notional activities and technologies that address identified biosurveillance gaps in data collection, information sharing, and data analysis



During the workshop, participants discussed the information exchange and decision-making in the wake of a biological incident. Using information flow charts and questions derived from current preparedness documents and response plans, participants described and helped to display their organization’s decision-making and information sharing processes and identified decision points from detection and notification through to response actions following the national call.

Tue, 01/12/2016 to Wed, 01/13/2016
Marriott Liberty Station