San Diego, California: Integrated Biosurveillance and Response Toolkit Technical Demonstration 2 (TD2)

Event Description: 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) is collaborating with the Department of Defense (DOD) Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Research and Development Directorate on the Homeland Integrated Biosurveillance and Response Information Demonstration (HIBRID). HIBRID is an effort focused on providing decision-makers with an effective biosurveillance suite of tools through exercise of innovative capabilities for rapid detection and information sharing between city, county, state, federal, and local military officials before, during, and after an infectious disease outbreak or a biological incident. The HIBRID project uses a series of workshops as discovery mechanisms to help DHS and DOD identify those tools that will be most helpful to incident responders, focusing on the periods leading up to, during, and following an infectious disease outbreak or biological attack on the Homeland.


The first workshop in this series used biological incident scenarios to establish baseline timelines for notifications, key decision points, risks, and challenges that responders currently face. The HIBRID Technical Demonstration 2 (TD2) was built on the outcomes of the Biosurveillance Scoping Study, HIBRID Baseline Workshop, and the HIBRID Serious Game and Initial Capabilities Assessment Workshop (SG & ICA), where the information exchange between city, state, and local military representatives during a BioWatch incident was documented.


In August 2015, a federal Table Top Exercise (TTX) used a similar scenario and timeline to clarify formal and informal information sharing within and among federal agencies during and immediately following the same time period – from BioWatch Actionable Result (BAR) to response taken post-BioWatch National Conference Call (BWNCC). The HIBRID Baseline Workshop focused on the actions and decisions at the city, county, state, and military levels resulting from information sharing. The HIBRID SG & ICA Workshop built on the HIBRID Baseline Workshop and investigated how the introduction of biosurveillance capabilities might impact information sharing, actions, and decision-making. The TD2 illustrates notional fulfillment of civilian and military stakeholder gaps identified through the previous HIBRID workshops and interviews.


The purpose of the TD2 was to provide a forum to demonstrate new and existing, data-driven, biological defense applications using two simulated biological scenarios to facilitate communication, understanding, decision-making, and action.  TD2 built upon the Technical Demonstration 1 (TD1) conducted at Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (ECBC) July 25-29, 2016, and it used an operational context to solicit productive feedback from operational users/stakeholders. 

Mon, 11/14/2016 to Wed, 11/16/2016
Cubic Corporation Office, San Diego, CA