Integrated Early Warning (IEW) Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) Concept Demonstration (CD-1)

Event Description: 

The Integrated Early Warning (IEW) Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD) Concept Demonstration - 1 (CD-1) was a continuation of military stakeholder engagement in the U.S. Pacific Command (USPACOM) area of responsibility to solicit operator feedback on proposed new technologies to enhance early warning for chemical and biological incidents. The first formal engagement was held in November 2016 to introduce the IEW ATD and to understand current operational issues and desired operational capabilities to USPACOM staff and Components.

Objectives: The first key objective was to discuss the USPACOM use cases. These helped the group:

  • Better understand current chem/bio capabilities
  • Document actions, capabilities, and CONOPS/CONEMP

The second objective was to present advanced surveillance concepts in context of the USPACOM use cases to:

  • Identify and assess potential benefits of advanced systems (e.g., faster detection – decision timelines by integrating technologies under development with existing or approved C4I systems)
  • Identify and vet proposed adjustments to CONOPS/CONEMP

The third objective was to gather audience feedback, to:

  • Shape a USPACOM AOR-relevant field concept demonstration in August 2017 and to inform further technology development
  • Define the operational demonstration focus
  • Identify capability gaps, not addressed by advanced concepts and brainstorm potential solutions
  • Explore additional use cases that may benefit from advanced concepts
Fri, 03/10/2017
USARPAC Future Concepts Directorate, Fort Shafter, Hawaii
Event Coordinator: 
Frank Acosta, Jane Chemodanova