Mexico City, Mexico: Bioterrorism Plan Development Workshop

Event Description: 

The Organization of American States (OAS) Bioterrorism Plan Development Workshop was held on March 12-15, 2013 in Mexico City, Mexico.


This workshop aimed to continue the work already begun in Mexico to facilitate the development of a National Emergency Response Plan for responding to an act of bioterrorism


  • Use experience, existing best practices, and lessons learned from past exercises and workshops to tailor and strengthen an interagency process for improving the existing plan in Mexico.
  • Increase awareness and aid the improvement of Mexico's National Health Protection Plan against Bioterrorism.
  • Provide a forum to identify and discuss key issues relevant to their nation's preparedness.
  • Increase planning fundamentals, further interagency discussions, and promote participant networking.
  • Examine coordination, command, communications, and response capabilities.


Approximately 80 participants, 6 international subject matter experts (SMEs), and host country SMEs attended the workshop. The workshop consisted of presentations, open discussions, a Plan Development practical session, and a tabletop exercise (TTX). At the conclusion of the event, Mexico stated it was better prepared to handle a biological incident.

Tue, 03/12/2013 to Fri, 03/15/2013
Epidemiology Directorate Building
Event Coordinator: 
Katey Groves
Presenters or VIPs: 
Dr. Christian Herzog, Robert Koch Institute, Germany
Dr. Theodore I Kuschak, Public Health Agency of Canada
Mr. Tim McSherry, Jefferson Emergency Management, Colorado, USA
Dra. Roberta Andraghetti, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
LTCOL Juan Carlos Cabria, La Maranosa Technological Institute, Spain
Ms. Maria Skarzynska, Ministry of Administration and Digitization, Republic of Poland