Nassau, The Bahamas: Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise (TTX)

Event Description: 

The Organization of American States (OAS) Bioterrorism Tabletop Exercise (TTX) was held on February 18-20, 2014 in Nassau, The Bahamas.


This exercise aimed to examine plans, processes, and procedures for ensuring public health and safety and preserving national commerce and trade after an intentional biological attack.


  • Begin development or improvement of local and national plans to respond to a bio-terror incident by examining coordination and integration of response organizations and resources.
  • Examine command and control issues between multiple health/medical and law enforcement agencies.
  • Discuss ways to align and enhance the respective efforts of the medical and law enforcement communities in identifying the nature of a terrorist-initiated biological weapons incident.
  • Examine medical capabilities and coordination.
  • Review capabilities to detect and monitor a bio-terror incident.
  • Discuss procedures to provide timely and accurate information to the local population and the world community.


Approximately 50 officials participated in the TTX and Workshop. The event was designed to capture an honest assessment of the current status of The Bahamas' preparedness in responding to a biological incident. This was achieved by using an integrated approach that combined academic plenary sessions with a discussion-based TTX.

Tue, 02/18/2014 to Thu, 02/20/2014
Police Conference Center Nassau
Event Coordinator: 
Katey Groves
Presenters or VIPs: 
Mr. Tim McSherry, Jefferson County Emergency Management, Colorado, USA
Ms. Renee Adimoolah, Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and Tobago
Ms. Lealou Reballos, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
SSA Jill Sheets, U.S. FBI