Stuttgart, Germany: USEUCOM Medical Operations Seminar & Tabletop Exercise

Event Description: 

The Transatlantic Collaborative Biological Resiliency Demonstration (TaCBRD) Medical Operations Seminar and Tabletop Exercise (TTX) was held on January 23-25, 2013 in Stuttgart, Germany.


The workshop aimed to provide a forum to examine roles and coordination responsibilities of various Department of Defense (DOD) and other U.S. agencies that would potentially respond to a U.S. European Command (EUCOM) theater-wide public health emergency.


  • Review various DOD and U.S. agencies' roles, responsibilities, and coordination requirements for responding to a public health emergency outside of the continental U.S. (OUTCONUS) within a theater commander’s Area of Responsibility (AOR).
  • Discuss what plans are in place and how they are effectively coordinated across U.S. equities.
  • Determine which U.S. stakeholder has overall coordination responsibilities for these type of events.
  • Explore the coordination and liaison responsibilities between U.S. stakeholders and host nations.
  • Determine how both “public” and “strategic” messaging is coordinated within U.S. channels.


The event explored capability gaps that exist with regard to a large-scale public health emergency response such as a Pandemic Influenza/Infectious Disease (PI/ID) incident in the EUCOM AOR. During the two-day seminar/TTX, participants attended academic presentations and participated in facilitated discussions designed to frame the problems affecting public health emergency response in Europe, identify gaps, and begin to map the road ahead for solutions. The workshop and TTX began a long-term staff effort to determine and analyze needs, capabilities, and solutions to train and synchronize the HQ USEUCOM staff, USEUCOM component HQ staffs, Defense Agency staffs, and USEUCOM support agencies.


Tue, 01/22/2013 to Thu, 01/24/2013
Event Coordinator: 
George Greenleaf
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