Tbilisi, Georgia: Transcaucasia Resiliency Exercise (T-REX)

Event Description: 

The Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) Transcaucasia Resiliency Exercise (T-REX) was held on December 2-5, 2014 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


T-REX aimed to allow the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia to build on the successes of ongoing biological threat activities and strengthen pre-existing interministerial and international relationships.


  • Apply planned locally, nationally, and internationally coordinated response plans to a simulated novel zoonotic outbreak in order to:
    • Foster regional partnerships.
    • Explore resources to actual previous biological incidents to identify successful practices and failures.


T-REX was hosted by the Government of Georgia's National Crisis Management Council and Ministries of Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Labor, Health, and Social Affairs, and was co-sponsored by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) of the United States Department of Defense (DOD). Participants included representatives of the governments of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia with observers from Poland, Turkey, and the World Health Organization. The focus of this four-day workshop was on surveillance, preparedness, and response to emerging biological incidents.

Tue, 12/02/2014 to Fri, 12/05/2014
Radisson Blu
Event Coordinator: 
John Mower
Presenters or VIPs: 
Mr. Nodar Nadirashvili, Government of Georgia (GG) Emergency Management Department (EMD)
Mr. David Hall, CBEP Georgia
Mr. Kevin Garrett, DTRA
Mr. Tony Intrepido, Cubic
Mr. Mike Midgley, Cubic
Mr. Jojik Tabatadze, GG
Ms. Maria Skarzynska, Polish Ministry of Administration and Digitization (MoAD)
Mr. Paata Imnadze, GG National Center for Disease Control (NCDC)
LTC Lesnieski, Georgia Army National Guard
Dr. Thomas Hofmann, World Health Organization
Mr. Malkhaz Lagurashvili, GG EMD
Ms. Deb Reynolds, Colorado State University
Ms. Lori Miller, US Department of Agriculture (USDA)